Tamera Mowry Engaged (Again) to Fox News Correspondent Adam Housley

Her twin sister got hitched a little over 2 years ago and now actress Tamera Mowry has reportedly found love of her own (again), and she and her former fiance are trying this whole engagement thing out all over again.

The 32-year-old TV/film star is reportedly engaged for the second time to Fox News correspondent Adam Housley after the 38-year-old reporter proposed to her last week in Italy. The two have been dating on and off for the past year now and broke off their original engagement a few years ago.

However, a source tells E! News that Tamera’s family doesn’t really like the dude and she and Adam don’t always get along, but “they are happy together” and are “giving it another try.” The source also said that the couple are currently living apart but plan on moving together soon.

“Adam proposed to Tamera last week in Italy. They were engaged a few years ago, but broke it off. They have been dating on and off for the past year and now he has put a ring on her finger once again.

“Her family is not crazy about him,” the source says. “Tia and Adam don’t always get along, but the couple are happy together and giving it another try. They haven’t started planning the weddingmbut it will most likely be at his family’s vineyard in Napa.”

Source: E! Online

We don’t know exactly why Tamera’s fam doesn’t like the guy, but one red flag for us is the fact that ol’ boy works for FOX NEWS! But congratz to the couple anyway…



  • Torry

    If your family doesn’t really like the guy, maybe you should listen. At the end, you will always have your family!

  • Wake up and smell the he’s too old for you and The bagges that is in his past will ruin you. The sucess you have need to be enjoyed with some one like you. Trying dating Malcom jamel Warren better known as little theo. How about Jamel White. I can give you one Good reason not to Marry Adam Housely he will not be faithful to you. Go with you heart.

  • best4u

    girl u could do so much better… u may have a past with this guy but if u saw a need to break it off the first time…. THERES A REASON FOR IT. Studies have shown that naturally your first inclination or guess is the most accurate…. and remember YOU CAN DO SO MUCH BETTER.. YOUR BEAUTIFUL, TALENTED AND RICH

  • Tina

    I say let it go girl, an ex is an ex for a reason. Not trying to wish you bad luck or nothing but it probaly wont work and people close to you can see what you can’t. Dont’ ignore the signs……

  • Milo the Cat

    Please listen to your parents on this one Tamera…Mom can always tell, and if they see something in him that you don’t..then it’s better to listen then to regret it later on down the line. But If you really love this guy…follow your heart…I hope he doesn’t be the one to break it again.

    Much Love

  • Curious

    “We don’t know exactly why Tamera’s fam doesn’t like the guy, but one red flag for us is the fact that ol’ boy works for FOX NEWS! But congratz to the couple anyway… ”

    You people are assholes. It took me 5 months to find this article buried in an “end of the year” story on AOL followed by a Google search. Fox is #1. You’re a no nothing gossip rag on line. I bet even gay Perez Hilton has more followers .

  • Cotten Kandi

    Congratulations to the Mowry twins so many special things in their lives, congrats Tamera!

  • Chuck

    Why does it make any difference whether he works for FOX or somebody else. Are you saying that only those people that do not work for FOX are the better people? What arrogant a** h*** you are. I truly believe that because FOX is so popular, you left wing wackos and liberals can’t deal with it. So, therefore, you need to do the old ‘put down.’ Tough, it ain’t going to work. I have had it with you left wingers and how you attempt to destroy people who don’t agree with you or have a different view point or of a different party.

    And, to the other comments that think she could do better or he will not be faithful to her, I would suggest you worry about your own relationships. It is not up to you to determine how the relationship of two people should be. Get a life.