Carrie Prejean Ties the Knot with NFL Player Kyle Boller

Former Miss California USA Carrie Prejean married Oakland Raiders quarterback Kyle Boller in a lavish wedding ceremony today (Fri. Jul 2) in San Diego, California. The newly-weds, engaged since February, tied the not at the Grand Del Mar Hotel.

The 23-year-old former beauty queen lost her title as Miss California months after making a controversial statement against equal-marriage rights during the 2009 Miss USA Pageant. Skeptics wonder if owner of the Grand Del Mar, Doug Manchester, another person scrutinized for anti-gay behavior has anything to do with the venue for Prejean and her NFL beau’s wedding.

  • Kelsey

    your Miss Cali pic is Tami Farrell who replaced Carrie Prejean. That’s not Carrie. Just so you know.

  • Joe De Maria

    That’s great about Carrie, but that is not her picture in this photo story. You have the wrong Miss California in the photo.

  • Thanks for the heads up guys! The post has been fixed :)

  • Jorge

    I’m sorry, but Carrie Jean is marrying Kyle Boller? That is so laughable! That’s about as laughable as Elizabeth being married to Tim Hasselbeck! What kind of impact’s have these two QB’s in the had in the NFL other than earning themselves just a little spot?! Above all the people they could have had, and they’re being married to nobody’s! I’m sorry, but I just can’t get over that. Not that I care though. I hate Carrie Prejean after her bratty display on Larry King Live. I mean for God sake, if you’re gonna be on live TV, be prepared to be asked question’s and tell people that they’re being inappropriate for asking them.

  • I wish the both of u luck and happyness.

  • I wish the both of u good luck and happy ness.

  • Deb Lee

    Best wishes to Carrie and Kyle. May their marriage be filled with love, joy, peace and happiness.

  • Bob

    Jorge, are you a cousin to Perez Hilton? I can almost hear the lisp coming off the electronic paper. What the hell do you care who they marry as long as they’re happy. Man up Jorge.

  • Joe De Maria

    Hate is a strong word Jorge. Save your hate for terrorists or people trying to do personal bodily harm to you not for someone who was placed under public scrutiny for voicing her honest opinion. I know her personally and she is a terrific young lady. By the way I don’t agree with her but I respect her opinion.

  • Lucy

    I wish as much joy and happiness on Carrie Prejean as she would on any gay couple trying to wed in California.

  • Myra

    This article is missleading. It’s almost as though they are hinting carrie lost her title because her stupid stupid comments rather than losing her title for her irresponsable behavior (she was late to all her MISS California appointments) and sex scandals. I dislike her for being such a bimbo.

  • Leslie

    I would LOVE to hear her abstainence story! Does anyone think that she really abstained? Being gay is wrong, but straight out of wedlock sex is ok…or do these folks just look the other way and make excuses? She is a nauseating, no talent hypocrit!

  • DJ

    I am not acquainted with Carrie but I know Kyle and his family well. He’s a terrific young man, regardless of his level of success in the NFL. Best wishes to the newly weds

  • i say she is somkey hot i think that is great new’s to hear that they got married today with a football player in a nice hotel i think that is happy time for them

  • Larry

    Carrie and Kyle look like a match to me .

    There is nothing Anti-Gay about Carrie Prejean she has the same right to share her personal opinion just like all Gay folks out there who think they are entitled to be married.

    I am a single white heterosexual male – all the women like Carrie rejected me I am entitled to be married to a hot babe – maybe I should sue – rant and rave go on a protest march and start emotional illogical arguments because I AM ENTITLED!

    If one is born gay that is OK but please do not pontificate/push the GAY culture on me – DON”T ASK DON’T TELL.

  • Eddie Lyn peterson

    Congratulations! Carrie is my CANDIDATE! And Kyle will let me lift my curse on the Raiders. I may start liking them again, glory Hallelujah

  • Lucy

    “I am a single white heterosexual male – all the women like Carrie rejected me”

    Now that’s a shocker lol…

  • Dina

    I wish them a very happy marriage with lots of gay children…..

  • Dina

    I wish them a very happy marriage and may they be blessed with many gay children…maybe then they will learn tolerance

  • Kelsey

    ok, that’s carrie cool