Trey Songz Says He Did His Girlfriend’s Eyebrows When He Was 17…

Trey Songz said that when he was 17 he did his girlfriend’s eyebrows and cut all of friends’ hair for prom. The R&B singer revealed all of this on MTV‘s new show “When I was 17” which premieres tomorrow morning (Sat. May 1) at 11 A.M EST.

“When I was 17 I did my girlfriend’s eyebrows,” the singer confesses.

It all started when he devised a plan to receive early dismissal from school and enrolled in a trade that he thought he would be able to take lightly. Instead, the Virgina native found himself with an intense schedule that included learning the finer points of hair care, from cutting heads to, well, waxing eyebrows. His skills eventually became so in demand that his friends lined up at his house to score haircuts before prom. “I cut everybody’s hair for the prom,” he recalled. “That whole week of prom, like every day, probably at least five to 10 guys would come over to the house to get a shape-up,” his cousin Jay chimed in.

The downside to his popularity with his clippers resulted in some hotheaded customers — literally! “My clippers got so hot, I remember I messed my homeboy’s head up so bad,” he recalled, smiling. “He had scars for, like, the next two days. [Traces his hair line to show where the damage was done.] All that. My bad.”


Pics of Trey Songz as a youngin’ below and a preview of his feature on MTV’s all new series “When I Was 17” when you continue reading…

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