♫ Beyonce – “If I Were A Boy” (Remix) f/ R. Kelly

Singer and super producer R. Kelly decided he wants to respond to Beyonce‘s lash in her single, “If I Were A Boy”, and is letting Bee know “she’s not a boy”. You guys check out the hot remix and don’t forget to comment for the BEYONCE GIVEAWAY! Click the link below to listen.



  • ebonyhud

    R. Kelly needs to stop, growling it doesn’t sound good. every song does not need a remix. But a diva remix with missy lil kim and other female rapper(are there anymore…lol) would be good!!!

  • Just a Fan

    I’m excited about the response! I like it!!! and I miss this aspect of Hip Hop and R&B.. So it is welcomed and appreciated IMO!

  • ItsYaGalElzz

    Lee Carrs remix is better. R.Kelly should retire

  • Elz

    Ewwww R Kelly is an ugly mofo


  • Mandy

    I think the song sucks, the lyrics are horrible and only go to show how stupid some guys really are…including r.kelly.

  • fae

    i think r kelly’s remix is really good–the meaning.. the way he sung it, well, i can say lee car’s better,..but with the meaning, i guess this has more sense in it. it mirrored the man’s perspective on the song. it described how high their ego is but when they really FALL in love, yes, they may flirt around, but it’s really just ONE girl that they’d like to go home to…at the end of the day,..

  • danayasia

    wow beyonce the song is good just with yuh fck r-kelly

  • Baj

    i like the way R.Kelly answered beyonce in this song. He showed how high the pride of guys are. I like it better than Lee Carr’s, cause he answered from the point of view of a man. Lee Carr sounded quite gay.

  • TP

    R. Kelly’s remix is better that Lee Carr’s. Because in Kelly’s version, it was a dialog. There was real emotion and drama. In Carr’s version, “if you were my girl”? Come on, it’s a fantasy for him.

  • nichelle

    Why the hell did Beyonce use R.Kelly there are so many other singers.In my opinion she have not even bothered to used him

  • bboy

    I hate it. Bey’s original is much better. There’s a remix with a guy called Lee Carr out there and it’s HOTTTT!!!!! He has an amazing voice….better than R. KELLY’S by far. this one sucks. Go Bey

  • Hey Guys, R.Kelly did a wonderful job with the voice control. I cherish u man
    Bee Bee, KeeP It Up
    Really Lee Carr’s tried But R.Kelly got it all
    I LOVE IT —

  • rkelz the remix king

    this remix sucks, let the king be the king and the nobody lee cars be a nobody.
    r kelz, remix king, rnb king. period!

  • OMG sum ov U got it wrong. R Kelly’s got genus n his veins. His spin cracked it open!

  • ManOfVoice

    Aint no doubt Kell’s remix is the best …while listing to this rmx, my and I agreed that we are not perfect and wont totally understand each othas worlds…so yeah Kells is the best…Evry song he touches turns golden!

  • bee

    y’all shud stop h8in kelz

  • Junior

    hey so… is everyone thinkin abt wht did Jay Z say?i’d like to know abt it…anyway, the remix is cool with r kelly…at least that’s the r kelly we know actually

  • big_d64_99


  • BJ

    I like young das’s remix, the beat knocks

  • Mary

    This Song ROCKS!! All U Haters Can go Screw YOurselfs

  • Yyzzy

    The song by Lee Carr was ridiculous and I love how someone mentioned it sounded gay as well as another person’s comment saying that it was just a fantasy of his. If beyonce had the foresight to get R. Kelly’s help on this then good for her, otherwise this song is incredible and so is R. Kelly. He’s always been a masterful artist and I’m glad he remixed this song, the meaning/the response/the thought is strong and done very well. That all being said I think there should be more done by these 2 if not just R. Kelly.