Tuesday’s Rundown – Baby Mama Drama Edition: Eddie Says He’s Paid Child Support, Chris Rock Ain’t the Father, and Mel B & Nicole Murphy Do Lunch!



OH STFU EDDIE, YOU KNOW YOU AIN’T PAID THAT WOMAN! » In a statement released by Eddie Murphy’s rep on Friday, the actor says that he “acknowledges paternity of the child Angel, and has paid child support to Ms. Brown as well as covering the expenses of her pregnancy.” The statement continues: “Mr. Murphy and Ms. Brown dated very briefly and never made any plans of ANY sort,” although Brown told Essence.com that “this was a completely planned pregnancy.” Now, if you remember, Mel B and her lawyer recently held a “press conference” stating that Eddie hasn’t paid one penny of child support as of yet. Who do you believe? The man who didn’t claim the child until he was forced to, or the woman who knew Eddie was the father all along, and had to prove it to get recognition? Hmm…


Funnyman Chris Rock is hitting back at “grossly inaccurate” claims that he is the father of a 13-year-old boy. In a statement released to TMZ.com on Monday, the comedian and his wife say that a court-ordered DNA test proved he’s not the father of the Georgia woman’s 13-year-old son.

“Though we prefer to keep our private life out of the media, we feel that it is necessary to respond to the many grossly inaccurate media reports that were sold to the tabloids by Kali Bowyer who falsely claimed that Chris Rock fathered her 13-year-old son,” says the statement from Rock and his wife, Malaak. “After multiple lies, including that Chris refused to establish paternity and after finding out that Ms. Bowyer has an extensive criminal record, we personally asked the court to help us establish paternity so that we could put this harassment to rest.”

The DNA results were released this weekend. This guy won’t be paying child support!! Luck him… Silly hoes these days just want some money.


MEL B AND NICOLE MURHPY ARE HOMEGIRLS NOW! » I know I’m a tad late with this (just a little bit), but Nicole Murphy and Mel B share a lot in common. They used to do the nasty with Eddie Murphy on a regular basis, and they both have children by the man! And now, apparently, they are the best of friends! The two were recently spotted enjoying lunch with their fully matured Eddie Murphy spermlets in LA. Good for them! The kids should know each other, and grow up together. It’s only right! It just sucks that Eddie still hasn’t seen little Angel. Dad of the year, much? But I can’t hate, he has hooked up with some fine ass women over the years! How in the world does he do it?!

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