Garcelle Beauvais’ Playboy Spread!


Hot damn! Look at this 40-year-old sexy mama featured on the cover of the latest issue of Playboy Magazine! The Jamie Foxx Show is long gone, but for some reason, I will always see Garcelle Beauvais as Francesca “Fancy” Monroe, lol. But you can’t deny that this is a hot photoshoot. I would have to say my favorite shot is …. damn, all of ’em! Now only if Beyonce would swallow her pride for a minute or two to do one of these. ((Sighs)) I can only dream =( Check out the rest of Fancy’s nude pics after the cut!

Garcelle Beauvais Poses for Playboy - August 2007 Garcelle Beauvais Poses for Playboy - August 2007 Garcelle Beauvais Poses for Playboy - August 2007 Garcelle Beauvais Poses for Playboy - August 2007

Garcelle Beauvais Poses for Playboy - August 2007 Garcelle Beauvais Poses for Playboy - August 2007 Garcelle Beauvais Poses for Playboy - August 2007 Garcelle Beauvais Poses for Playboy - August 2007

Garcelle Beauvais Poses for Playboy - August 2007 Garcelle Beauvais Poses for Playboy - August 2007 Garcelle Beauvais Poses for Playboy - August 2007 Garcelle Beauvais Poses for Playboy - August 2007

  • Deirdre

    Her and her husband may think this was a good idea, but wait until her 16 year old son goes to school in the fall, and they find out THIS is his mom. These pictures should have stayed in her personal home collection. SHAME SHAME….The peer pressure he will feel.

  • She’s pretty but not smart. Because the entertainment market is not calling her to work, maybe the need for money overpowered her thinking. Mistake!!!!!

  • Jay Patterson

    Beautiful spread. I would’ve liked to see her go full frontal, but with a dynamite body like hers who needs to?

  • Nick Michaels

    She obviously did not think much at all about her husband or son to do these pics. I certainly would not want my mom’s goods splattered in magazines all over the world. As far as her husband is concerned, I can’t believe he allowed her to do them. I know that work is scarce these days, but she is not totally forgotten to be doing this.

  • neiceyb

    welll its her body…let her do what she wants…im not saying i would want my mother do this…but if its what she wants let her do it. im sure her husband && son know…

  • poz

    For some reason I always thought she would be one of those girls that looked better half naked than naked. I was wrong, she is hot. Im glad I got to see her.

  • lisa

    I think she is very beautiful and the photos are tasteful, i could see if she had sex toys and whips and chains but she has on sexy not provocative clothing she has a beautiful backdrop. And she looks natural there is nothing wrong with her taking these photos, shit her son has probably seen worse it is 2007…

  • jay

    Grow up people. She is a grown ass woman, if her husband and family are cool with it, then thats all should matter. She is beautiful. Beautiful black skin and all. STOP HATING.

  • Jay-o

    I think that garcelle is one the most beauitful woman I’ve ever seen, and her body is smoking hot !!! so why not ?

  • richard


  • richard


  • Mark

    Wow. She is just gorgeous. That set is sexy and tasteful. Yes… gorgeous. And to think I’d not even heard of her before today.

  • dee

    i like it,she is naturally sexy and beautiful and she is 1 of the few black woman posing for playboy, so the critics need to stop hatin fo real ,, she fine as hell and she made my dream come tru too, so do what u do

  • man i will like to >>>>>> her

  • wow the pictures are hot.

  • am looking forward to see beyonce on the cover for playboy.

  • Chris

    please cut my arms and legs off– and use me like a bar of soap!!!!!

  • david

    damn id fuck her in a minute

  • J Bell

    Hey to those that talked about what her husband and son would think… 21st century and all what about what she thinks? I mean what about the obvious? What the model thinks? I understand the the fact that she has older children and the fact that she has a husband, but hey the only person she has to atone to is god no one else. So how about steppin off the high horse and just appreciating the beauty and the fact that this lady makes me somewhat stupid when I see naked pics and poses of this lady? Besides everyone that has complained has to have seen the pics cause they wouldn’t be complaining. I am thinking of a word that starts with an h and ends with e… Sorry if my opinion conflicts with other opinions posted, but hey you kind of look at everyone but Garcelle Beacvais.
    PS Creoles keeping it real for other creoles

  • bill

    i would love to fuk her brains out and drill dat mouth and tits!!

  • LifeRipples

    It’s funny how some discount what her husband and son may feel. If she is indifferent to their feelings then your advice is appropriate. She will also lose anyone she treats that way. Wake up and realize your actions effect others, most notably those you love. If it rips up her husband and shames her son, she is a traitor to them. I doubt they mind though. It would be no different if it was a man baring it all for money in public and the wife wanted him not to do it. It’s not about gender, but commitment people make to each other. I wonder if those who gave her advice that it is her body and to hell with her man, if they treat their family like that.

  • Little L.K.J

    I think some of these pictures look fake, like in that one episode of The Jamie Foxx Show

  • Louie Hutchins

    There’s a God! Good Lord! Her husband let her show off her goodies to the world! LOL! Ooooh Baby!

  • Pablo palu

    Really , what a babe ………….the term voluptuous redefined !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! one of the sexiest babes I have ever seen !!!!!!!!!!!!!! I wish I were with her in bed !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Adam West

    To tell you the truth, she looks better in these pics than she did on The Jamie Foxx Show. I always thought that she looked too thin on that show, but after seeing these pics I wonder if these pics are real or fake. It doesn’t really matter though, since she looks very beautiful in these pics. A great ass and breasts for sure!

  • Bill

    oooooooh yesssssssss

  • bttmstr

    GOD, WHAT A WOMAN! PERFECT 10. More like a 100.

  • kuzzo group

  • S.O.T

    who yo mamma

  • Bang

    She is very sexy i have fucked her And She cried very loud

  • sexy fifi

    The very first haitian girl that looks so freaking hot

  • Jen

    There is nothing wrong with what she is doing. I think it’s great that Playboy does not discriminate against age, race or size. She proves that a woman in her 40s can still be beautiful and sexy. In my opinion, Playboy never crosses the line. The pictures are nude, but tasteful.

  • Kurt

    SORT AFTER..!!

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