T.I. & Tiny … Broke Up … Again…

T.I. & Tiny … Broke Up … Again…Clifford “TIP” Harris bka T.I. is expecting a baby girl this July with longtime girlfriend Tameka “Tiny” Cottle. It will be T.I. and Tiny’s second child together. The two were even engaged, but have recently decided to amicably end their long relationship and remain friends.

“She’s still a part of my life,” he explained the turn their relationship has taken. “I love her to death. Her children is still my children, my children are still her children,” he said (both have kids from previous relationships). “We want each other to be happy. It’s nothing she did and it’s nothing I did.”

While T.I. works on album number five and awaits the birth of child number six in his and Cottle’s brood, he’ll also be overseeing several other projects on his Grand Hustle imprint, such as DJ Drama’s official Gangsta Grillz album and the sophomore project from Young Dro. There’s also a clothing line he’s involved in with his manager and business partner Jason Geter called AKOO. I give it a couple of months before they announce that they’re back together again … no wait, I take that back. 3 weeks … tops!

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  • http://highbridnation.highbrid.com Evorgleb

    We’ve been talking about this break up over at Highbrid Nation. I never thought it would last due to his current star power but I had no idea she lost the baby. Thats really sad.

  • http://www.myspace.com Ebonee white

    im so sorry about the baby they seem like cute couple.sometimes god places people in ya life for a reason and sometimes those reasons can lead to something so much more. god bless you and i hope that things work out for the both of you

  • QaRa

    well to bad for them !! i herd the baby died stillbirth. thats sad . but i hope every thang aight wit them. I love ti and i kinda wanted them to be aprt but prolly not for long. I love you ti, you will see me oneday wen i get famous!!!

  • daisy

    its better off he’ll be happy and she will too besides
    i want him lol j/k he’s hot though

  • lianna

    yea i think they should break up agian because he is my man not hers. if he is with her i can get with him so she need to leave my man alone.


    its ok both of yall kids are cute but i jus wanna tell t.i. i luv him imma real fan and i went to every concert you’ve had luv ya and hit me up at dat email

  • yellagirl

    I just want T.I. to know that I think he is the best rapper besides 2pac. Also wanted to say if him and Tiny or broke up again he need to leave it that way and get with a real sista, like myself that’s gone be down like 4 flats and a spare. I will be in Atlanta real soon for one purpose, and that’s to see my future man Clifford Harris aka “TIP” or T.I love them both the same!

  • Ama Sika

    i don’t understand why celebrities break up n come back together agian n again ?????? well, maybe they feel its good publicity. i wish T.I all the best in his new projects n congrats!. i beleive he is one of the greatest rappers since Tu-pac.

  • kima

    dustin u r cute i hope ur single!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • alexis

    your girlfriend is ugly

  • alexis

    why r lying u love me baby daddy

  • shit

    she is so ugly!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?
    why do he even date her…..

  • T.i’s #1 fan

    I think tiny can be pretty wen she wants to be but most of da time she don’t look sorry t.i. /:but she should kno da truth n i dont really think dat im hatin all ya’ll don’t say shit to aight?!But t.i is so fine n he is ALL MINE!!!yea he is ALL MINE ya’ll others(:

  • Tyasia

    Fiirst of if al yall was real fans you would want him to be happy which he was with Tiny which i dnt no what happen nd i hope everythiinq works out cause all kids want is to have both parents around at the same time. && yall have beutiful kids & T.I Im a big fan of u i really wanna meet u soo bad & i hope everythiinq works out with u & Tiny Cause yall are beutiful together && T.I II Love u soo much & yall dont care about what on eof these people say about u or tiny cause as u can c they are HATERZ & from ur sonqs T.I dont like haters but quess what while yall bitches hatinq he gettinq more famous Bye xoxo Tyasiia

  • Tyasia

    && one more thiinq yall biitches have no liife && duh one tlkiinq about tiiny are duh UGLY BITTCHES


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